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Roseate, Captured Spirit

Jeongkyu Lee, Mirae Munhwasa, 2002, Korean

This is the story of artist Jeongkyu Lee. Her life has not always been easy or simple, but her clear calm spirit is reflected in her work. The subject of her painting has been developed through the observation of the society in which she lives. In certain quarters, Jeongkyu's work has had little or no recognition. She sometimes has experienced hostility, repression and rejection. Nevertheless, in spite of her tragic life, compassion and beauty are expressed in her paintings with unique skill and maturity. Her work is in the style of what is called "the New Realism." Jeongkyu lives in Seoul, Korea with her young daughter whom she is bringing up with great love and devotion.

* Roseate: the color of red rose

"I know that Jeongkyu will continue to cultivate the garden of her art, a garden that will always give her viewers cause for both spiritual reflection and visual delight, and I know that her biography will tell the story of a life, certainly not always easy or simple, but one that through art has been able to touch the lives of others." - Doris A. Birmingham

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