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Artist Statement

Arts is the culture of the period. Arts interact with the order of our community, and create culture of the society. In many ways my view of life, my spirits, the artistic direction of my arts have affected to the development of our society.

At the end of the twentieth century, Realist painters were influenced by Abstract Expressionism, the scale and free concept and painterly quality. The trend of New Realism was born in about 1960. The New Realism painters pursued free expression with newly developed materials and techniques, and approaches. Their painting developed in a variety of ways. At the University of Pennsylvania I met Neil Welliver, Susan Shatter, Janet Fish, Yvonne Jaquette, Jack Beal and other New Yorkers who were the best contemporary realism painters in New York. My artistic ability and competence were developed and improved through their influence and my view of art began to take form during that time. Under the tutorship of these inspiring artists I began to find my original and unique style. By continually painting and studying, my technique and artistic ability matured. I tried to avoid traditional and academic ways of painting and to find new ideas and new images. My concepts of painting were challenged and my creative ability stretched.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I returned to Seoul, Korea and have continued painting. I paint people I meet observing their mentality, feeling, tension, humor, and abstract quality. I express human nature, human affairs, subconsciousness and impulsive beauty of our period. These materials became on subjects of my paintings. I organized them, and painted them with my visual language on a canvas. In my work of art I expressed individuality and society, soul and reality, material world and imaginary world with my personal motivation. While I have made temperance living, I have experienced from contemporary life and society. I analyzed the reality of life and essence of life, and find the association image from reality. I translated the objectivity and the subjectivity into art metaphorically. In my painting I eliminated description, and manipulate the object, and organize form and space, in order to show artistic image and design. I tried to express lively motion and give interests to viewer, and to impress and inspire person.

For the sake of bright future we have to go through confused period in this disordered society. I hope my image of painting is able to make harmony in our environment.